How Nintendo can help your business

I was playing Nintendo with my boys today. Yes, I know, LEGO’s yesterday, Nintendo today. Flashback city.

Anyway, we were playing the Wii U, which is Nintendo’s last-generation console.

It was the successor to the Wii, which had been a massive success (over 100 million units sold) and so the Wii U had big shoes to fill.

Did Nintendo play it safe? Nope. Instead of just increasing the graphics they did something completely unprecedented.

They added a screen on the main controller to give the whole system a hybrid tablet/TV feel.

Unfortunately the Wii U disappointed, sales-wise. Nintendo could have read this as an indication the market didn’t want a console/tablet hybrid.

Instead, they doubled down on this same concept, refined it further and now they have a smash hit on their hands, the Nintendo Switch.

They proved the market wanted a hybrid video game console. Something you can play handheld or hook up to your TV.

But it took the courage to be different. Nintendo takes risks, and even though they strike out sometimes (their Virtual Boy another notable example) they make up for it with their hits.

This risky yet calculated approach is something that just screams Shane Hunter to me. His MasterClass is laced with the underlying theme:

Be Different.

When you are abrasively different, your market can’t ignore you. And if you know how to use & hold that attention properly (most don’t), that’s how your business thrives.

Other brands and marketers also attempt to be edgy and aggressive- but there’s an art to it, taught in the MasterClass. Often, Shane’ll track down ad campaign fails for our VIP Facebook Group (for MasterClass students) and he’ll break down what is missing or how it could have been done right.

So, learn to push the envelope in the right ways, in ways that make your ideal customers stick to you like glue.

Nintendo has figured their positioning out, and they’ve been around since 1889. Shane’s MasterClass will have you practicing the same principles so you can have that kind of longevity.

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Hunter Weir

Make Friends With Your Devils

I’m in a dark place right now.

I’m still processing feelings from my divorce, getting into a new relationship and navigating those uncharted waters.

But honestly? The biggest problem I have is not doing the things I need to do. It’s eating my lunch.

So naturally you might ask: how do I fix this?

Well, first off: start by asking the question “what are you gonna do about it” after every negative thought.

For example: “I’m such an effin mess… what am I going to do about it?” Then genuinely search out the answer.

Hopefully you’ll have the strength to do whats necessary once you have a potential solution.

The questions you ask yourself are extremely powerful. Use them and they will improve your life.

You may be feeling overwhelmed like you can’t do it yourself. I get it. I have to get help too. No shame in it.

You don’t have to hide the bad shyt from yourself or anyone else.

I’m here for you, because we all need others in this crazy world.

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The Greatest Human Flaw

How would you like to know the keys to being a successful human being?

Well, I bet you think you do, but like most people, when you see the work required you may not be so enthused.

No, I’m not gonna BS you about “quick easy fixes” because nothing good comes easy. Nor do we value things that come easy.

I’m a little reluctant to tell you this, but here goes:

I found a book that literally gives you the keys to success. The whole thing is just so sound but also mind-blowing.

How did the author discover these keys? For starters, he interviewed over 20,000 people and from this he found 15 habitual characteristics that set apart the successful ones.

Which brings me to my subject line- the greatest human weakness. What is it, according to this book? (Here’s a freebie)


No successful person he studied had a habit of indecision.

So, dear reader, look truthfully in the mirror (like I did) and determine if this is a character defect of yours. If it is, then work on changing it.

Kindly, the author spells out specific steps to combat this deadly vice.

Wanna know what the book is?

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Read it, love it, live it. You’re welcome.

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Let Me Stand Next to Your FIRE

Have you heard about this ‘trendy’ concept called FIRE? It’s short for Financial Independence Retire Early, and I’m slightly obsessed with it.

“Hunter, I’m too lazy to research what FIRE is all about, can you give me the Cliff’s Notes?”

I thought you’d never ask, friend.

The concept came from a great little book called Your Money Or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

If you want the pure, uncut version- read IT instead of that trending “Millienial Retires at 30” article.

If you have ears to hear, then harken unto me, oh pursuer of truth:

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It’s not your fault, our society breeds em.

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Are You Living a Life of Quiet Desperation?

When is a door not a door? When it’s a jar!

Corny, I know. Speaking of doors…

Picture a door that leads to your dream life. Everything you want is behind that door. What do you do?

You reach out your hand, grasp the tarnished brass knob, twist it and with a CRREEEEAAAK…

It opens to reveal this:

A mountain in the distance. Yup, I’ll shoot straight with you- there’s no easy way to get to your dream life, despite what everyone is trying to sell you.

It requires hard work, sacrifice and dedication. The good news? I found several blueprints that will help you up the mountain.

As my mentor says, “Success leaves clues.” I can’t do the work for you but I can hold you accountable as we work on the very core of the battle:


The rewards are worth the effort, I promise. Don’t settle like most do into that life of quiet desperation.

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