The Preacher with the Knuckle Tattoos

I’ve been on a Film Noir kick lately.

Watched another great one last night:

The Night of the Hunter with the underrated Robert Mitchum playing a deranged preacher.

On one hand was tatted the word “HATE” and the other “LOVE.” His reenactment of these two hands doing battle with each other for his soul was particularly over the top.

He hounds two children and their mother trying to get at $10,000 their dead dad left them.

There’s no limit to the depths humans will sink to to get rich.

Luckily for you, there’s no compromise necessary with Shane’s MasterClass.

You can keep your ethics, integrity and self respect and still win, financially.

In fact, Shane insists. He wants you to use your Abrasive powers for good. Or they will destroy you.

It requires dedication on your part, just like any success should. But the blueprint is there.

You don’t have to go searching like the preacher did, nor take what isn’t rightfully yours.

Keep your ethical code intact, and profit from what you are passionate about by investing in the MasterClass.
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