Thinking Is Overrated

Tonight I had an important email to send and it was hanging over my head.

I had been trying to work out all the angles and I was driving myself batty.

So I was sitting on my back porch, talking through it with my girl. She gave me some sage advice:

“Babe, don’t overthink it.”

So I typed up something simple and sent it.

Whew. Relief.

Being trapped in the paralysis analysis stage is the deadliest trap for Internet Marketers as well.

95% of the wannabes out there have this tragic condition, and I feel for them.

I went thru it myself. Stressing over what action to take, rather than doing SOMETHING then adjusting based off results.

As the great Gary Halbert puts it:

“Movement beats meditation.”

This is what I love about Shane’s teaching. He knows this truth and his MasterClass is laced with this motivating principle.

It gets you out of the overthinking stage by all means necessary. Your life is precious. Your time is precious.

$5000 is a paltry sum if it moves you forward towards what you really want. Freedom, growth, security, BEING.

That’s certainly how I feel after investing in the MasterClass. Get in gear, yourself.

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