Perspective is Reality

I had a convo with my bestie ‘Space’ last night.

He’s weighing big life choices after graduating. I remember the feeling.

I’m trying to save him from the mistakes I made at that time. Specifically, I didn’t have my priorities straight.

I was chasing all the things: women, money, possessions, distractions.

And what is the one priority to rule them all, you might ask? What did I tell him to focus on, to help clarify his decision making?

Skill development. Deciding that meaning derives from the process of bettering that skill.

Attach zero meaning to the outcome. EVERYTHING must come from the process. Frankly this is an incredibly difficult mental change for most people.

For those of you who already know and have chose what skill you’ll develop?

And that skill happens to be building up and engaging with your own thriving email list?

Shane Hunter’s MasterClass is like having the wise master watching you practice your art.

You can go back to it time and time again if you’re lost and straying from the path. Time will not diminish the lessons because they are rooted in the fundamentals of human psychology.

You can try and piece together knowledge from different places and people, but as another student told me before I purchased the MasterClass:

“Shane ties everything together. I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars on training if I had found the MasterClass first.”

Yup. Once you’re serious, there’s only one way to go.

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