Yeah, Science!

I was listening to Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins today.

If you’re not familiar with the book, here are a couple of quick hits:

– Written in the 1920’s

– A few of the greatest marketers ever (Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham) consider it Gospel.

– Peggy reads it in the first season of Mad Men

I think it was Ogilvy who said you shouldn’t be allowed to advertise until you’ve read it at least 7 times.

(Side note: reading is only as good as what you’re actually absorbing)

This book dovetails beautifully in with Shane’s MasterClass.

Specifically: issue #6.

In it he explains how the scientific method can be used to deploy your advertising in such a way that your success is guaranteed.

Much like Claude would tell you, advertising can be the safest venture around, if you follow the correct principles.

Would you like to feel like a mad scientist rather than a desperate sea captain?

Let Shane help you steer into a calm port using the methods pioneered over 100 years ago.

Direct Marketing is your path to freedom. It’s scientifically proven.

Break out the test tubes and get the MasterClass, Einstein.

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