I’m Chef Boyardee and I Approve This Post

Did your mom ever pack Chef Boyardee ravioli in your school lunch?

Kid Hunter had zero problem with this. I can almost taste it now. Throw an oatmeal cream pie in that brown paper bag and we good.

We had no conception of quality when we were kids. Lunchables were glorious.

My oldest son tried Spaghetti O’s for the first time today, and although it looked disgusting to his dad, the kid loved it.

And so it goes with marketing training. When you’re a ‘young’ marketer, you may stumble across a guru and just think he’s the bees knees.

When you look back, you give yourself an internal facepalm. You realize you were consuming canned pasta, and you wretch at the thought now.

Consider Shane Hunter’s MasterClass a fine Italian dinner, complete with handmade pasta & excellent wine pairing.

It’s a $5000 dollar investment. There’s a reason he charges more than ‘guru of the month’ does.

There’s a reason people actually pony up that cash. Because those claims he makes on the sales letter I’m sending y’all to?

People actually achieve that stuff.

Stuff like freedom, a sense of belonging, perfect clients, building a responsive email list. Weird.

Once you slay that fear of success dragon that’s ruining your life, the MasterClass is your treasure.

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