Cheaters Never Prosper? Balderdash.

I’m listening to the Cowboy’s playoff game right now. We’ve looked ugly so far but there’s still plenty of time to whip these damn Rams.

What kind of insane person writes an email during a gut-wrenching playoff game? Normal I ain’t, my friend.


The MasterClass changes a person.

Speaking of the NFL, and the Masterclass:

During my last read through, Issue number 12 stuck out to me. It’s called “The #Deflategate Of Big Ideas”

In it, Shane exposes the cutthroat nature of business, using the infamous Patriots scandal as an example.

After laying out what to expect, he equips you with the ethical marketing tools needed to thrive in this lion’s den.

All seven of ’em.

Then, how to use them to pierce into the fundamental drivers of human nature. From that vantage point, you can develop an irresistible Big Idea.

As Gary Halbert says: one Big Idea, well executed, is worth a lifetime of hard work (for a direct marketer).

To understand your prospect’s drivers on an (almost) unfair level, invest in the MasterClass.

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