Three Stupid Simple Steps to Interweb profits

I’ll break down internet marketing into it’s three most essential parts, dear one.

Hopefully this will break out of being distracted by the latest shiny bells and whistles. Just like anything, you gotta learn the fundamentals first.

So without further ado, the goods:

1. Squeeze page- This is a web page that attempts to “squeeze” an email address out of your prospect. Usually something the prospect considers valuable is offered as a bribe.

2. Engaging email followup- this is where a lot of businesses screw up. They hard sell their lists into oblivion. There’s an art to this step.

3. Sales page- this the link you are directing your email list to check out. Make the copy goodly (just like your emails)

Now, just because the above steps are simple, doesn’t mean they are easy. There are a lot of moving parts to each of them.

For example:

How do you generate traffic to send to your squeeze page? None of this works if you don’t have good lead generation strategies.

That’s where my buddy Shane Hunter comes in.

His MasterClass will show you the EXACT methods & principles he uses to generate $1.33 cost per lead campaigns. (Actual results from his most recent Facebook ad campaign)

Then, if you’ve mastered the other fundamentals? Bask in the glory of your newfound internet ATM. You deserve it.

Hop off the struggle bus and onto the MasterClass bullet train.

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