How Nintendo can help your business

I was playing Nintendo with my boys today. Yes, I know, LEGO’s yesterday, Nintendo today. Flashback city.

Anyway, we were playing the Wii U, which is Nintendo’s last-generation console.

It was the successor to the Wii, which had been a massive success (over 100 million units sold) and so the Wii U had big shoes to fill.

Did Nintendo play it safe? Nope. Instead of just increasing the graphics they did something completely unprecedented.

They added a screen on the main controller to give the whole system a hybrid tablet/TV feel.

Unfortunately the Wii U disappointed, sales-wise. Nintendo could have read this as an indication the market didn’t want a console/tablet hybrid.

Instead, they doubled down on this same concept, refined it further and now they have a smash hit on their hands, the Nintendo Switch.

They proved the market wanted a hybrid video game console. Something you can play handheld or hook up to your TV.

But it took the courage to be different. Nintendo takes risks, and even though they strike out sometimes (their Virtual Boy another notable example) they make up for it with their hits.

This risky yet calculated approach is something that just screams Shane Hunter to me. His MasterClass is laced with the underlying theme:

Be Different.

When you are abrasively different, your market can’t ignore you. And if you know how to use & hold that attention properly (most don’t), that’s how your business thrives.

Other brands and marketers also attempt to be edgy and aggressive- but there’s an art to it, taught in the MasterClass. Often, Shane’ll track down ad campaign fails for our VIP Facebook Group (for MasterClass students) and he’ll break down what is missing or how it could have been done right.

So, learn to push the envelope in the right ways, in ways that make your ideal customers stick to you like glue.

Nintendo has figured their positioning out, and they’ve been around since 1889. Shane’s MasterClass will have you practicing the same principles so you can have that kind of longevity.

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