You’re Being Watched

You ever heard the song “Private Eyes” by Hall & Oates?

Here are the lyrics I’m thinking of:

“Private eyes/

They’re watching you/

They see your every move”

Hall & Oates = solid gold. Also, they could easily be talking about the current state of marketing.

Facebook, Google and Amazon are basically stalking the world, and selling their gathered intelligence to marketers.

It’s just reality, cupcake. You can either fear the way things are or try and use it to your advantage.

I prefer the latter. As you should. Accepting reality is more profitable.

Another reality? Most marketers have the targeting skills of a Stormtrooper (non-Star Wars nerds: that means not very accurate)

This is where Shane Hunter starts in the Abrasive Entrepreneurs MasterClass. Targeting and avatar creation couldn’t be more important, and in the first newsletter you’re given the key phrase that unlocks this whole skill.

Getting inside the mind of your target customer will have you singing “Private Eyes” too, but only if you understand the Abrasive fundamentals in the MasterClass.

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Hunter Weir

You Need a Cold, Hard Dose of Reality

You ever spent time around a person with zero self awareness?

Do you think their ignorance is bliss? I highly doubt it.

I know someone like this, and every time I see their latest “I’m a victim” social media posts, I just shake my head.

Don’t be like this. Take responsibility for the things you can control (your words, your thoughts, your actions) and let go of your entitlement to be treated a certain way by the world or life in general.

News flash, Jack: you ain’t entitled to squat. And plenty of people have it way worse than you. Life is suffering. Embrace it, read up on Stoicism.

OR, you could save yourself some time and uncover how to “Empower Your Victimhood,” as Shane Hunter calls it.

In his book The Final Fight and laced throughout the MasterClass Shane shows you how to start with yourself, save yourself and then help others.

That’s how the process works. It always starts with you. It starts with your life and how you respond to it, and it naturally crosses over into your business.

You want your business to be fun, right? What sounds more fun than knowing no matter what life throws at you you can handle it because you’re Abrasively SOLID.

It’s a great feeling, believe me. It’s the kind of feeling you’ll wish some of your loved ones could experience too, but not everyone is ready.

But you are, aren’t you?

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Hunter Weir

How Nintendo can help your business

I was playing Nintendo with my boys today. Yes, I know, LEGO’s yesterday, Nintendo today. Flashback city.

Anyway, we were playing the Wii U, which is Nintendo’s last-generation console.

It was the successor to the Wii, which had been a massive success (over 100 million units sold) and so the Wii U had big shoes to fill.

Did Nintendo play it safe? Nope. Instead of just increasing the graphics they did something completely unprecedented.

They added a screen on the main controller to give the whole system a hybrid tablet/TV feel.

Unfortunately the Wii U disappointed, sales-wise. Nintendo could have read this as an indication the market didn’t want a console/tablet hybrid.

Instead, they doubled down on this same concept, refined it further and now they have a smash hit on their hands, the Nintendo Switch.

They proved the market wanted a hybrid video game console. Something you can play handheld or hook up to your TV.

But it took the courage to be different. Nintendo takes risks, and even though they strike out sometimes (their Virtual Boy another notable example) they make up for it with their hits.

This risky yet calculated approach is something that just screams Shane Hunter to me. His MasterClass is laced with the underlying theme:

Be Different.

When you are abrasively different, your market can’t ignore you. And if you know how to use & hold that attention properly (most don’t), that’s how your business thrives.

Other brands and marketers also attempt to be edgy and aggressive- but there’s an art to it, taught in the MasterClass. Often, Shane’ll track down ad campaign fails for our VIP Facebook Group (for MasterClass students) and he’ll break down what is missing or how it could have been done right.

So, learn to push the envelope in the right ways, in ways that make your ideal customers stick to you like glue.

Nintendo has figured their positioning out, and they’ve been around since 1889. Shane’s MasterClass will have you practicing the same principles so you can have that kind of longevity.

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Hunter Weir

The Red Baron ain’t got nothing on me

My two boys and I spent a good chunk of the day today rebuilding a WWI-era biplane.

Needless to say, they were very impressed with their dad’s LEGO building skills. Reliving your childhood through your kids is one of those great joys of parenting.

But I digress. The reason we were REbuilding this plane? Someone gave my oldest a bunch of their old LEGO sets in these big trash bags.

All was going well until about halfway through the rebuild. There were quite a few missing peices and for whatever reason I was not expecting that.

I was able to scrounge up some servicable peices from the trusty box of LEGOS, but it was dicey there for a bit.

One critical peice was broken, too, so the plane sits a bit wonky.

And so it goes when you try and peice together sucessful marketing strategies without having the proper building blocks.

You may not even know what your missing, all you’ll know is that your results suck.

Or things may be a little wonky because your’re trying to rely on broken “gimmicks” instead of the principles of persuasion and influence.

These principles are timeless, my friend. That means the fundamentals you learn from Shane’s MasterClass stay relevant so you can continue to build on them.

Skip the inevitable frustration that “tactic-seekers” are doomed to feel repeatedly. You deserve to be an Ace.

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Hunter Weir

What Is Your Freedom Worth?

Four months ago, I saw something on Facebook that I just HAD to take action on.

My mentor, Shane Hunter (The Abrasive Entrepreneur) and his wife Erica were staying in Ft Worth for a couple days. They live in Arizona.

There was zero indecision on my part, no hesitation about travel time or traffic. I’d go out there and meet him if the timing worked out.

Luckily it did. What a treat it was to break bread with Shane and bask in the presence of this power couple.

A couple things stick out regarding that evening:

-When I showed up at their AirBnB, Shane was working. Erica commented, “as usual” with a wry smile. Telling, no?

-I could tell from their interactions that they are both deeply committed to each other and have a STRONG marriage.

-On our way home from dinner, Shane played the longest freestyle rap I have ever heard (Black Thought’s 10 minute freestyle)

Now, the most impactful thing I took away that night? It was a question he asked me.

He asked me why I invested in the MasterClass, and what’s my primary motivation for becoming an internet marketer?

My response?


And so he shared this gem with me: the only way to be successful is to care more about what you desire most than what others may think.

Putting yourself out there is incredibly challenging. You need a proven system to lean on when your self-doubts inevitably creep in.

Shane’s MasterClass is that system. Hopefully you’ll have the experience, like I did, where you just know you HAVE to take action, to get what you want.

Sometimes the road to that point is long and winding. I wish you safe travels if you’re not there yet.

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Hunter Weir

The Case Against Frugality

I’m a notorious tightwad. All my loved ones know it, and (generally) love me in spite of this idiosyncracy.

I don’t have cable. My phone is 4 generations old. I consciously avoid tollroads.

I’m what my cousin Vincent calls “SFC” – super effin cheap.

And yet?

I’m willing to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for something without batting an eye.

What is that something? Education, learning, self/skill development, call it what you will.

Because I consider those purchases an investment. Actually, there are two investments:

1. Spending your hard-earned bucks on the course, book or product

2. Carving out time to properly digest what you purchased. (You should go thru it several times)

Here’s where the tricky psychology comes in. As Thomas Paine puts it:

“That which we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly.”

The more dearly we pay for things, the more important those things will seem to us.

I got a $200 Eugene Schwartz book for Christmas, you best believe I cracked that bad boy today and started working through the excercises.

It leap-frogged other books I’m still working thru, in no small measure due to how much I KNEW it was worth.

The same principle applies to Shane Hunter (The Abrasive Entrepeneur)’s course.

His MasterClass costs $5000. His buyers are investment-minded. Some of them have saved up for a long time to purchase this thing. I know some people who are saving up right now. (When frugality DOES come in handy, lol)

So if you’d like to follow the same path I took into Shane’s ‘orbit,’ follow him on Facebook here:

Fair warning- expect him to trigger you. Hopefully you’ll learn something from these reactions instead of being a slave to them. It starts with “Zark Muckerberg” and goes from there.

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Hunter Weir

Humanity’s Greatest Invention (No It’s Not the Snuggie)

You remember Snuggies, right?

They were all the rage just a few years ago. I mean, who wouldn’t want a blanket with armholes? It’s genius.

No, the best thing humans ever invented has been around a little longer than the Snuggie. I asked for a bunch of these inventions for Christmas.

Give up? Not good hints, I know.

BOOKS are humanity’s crowning achievement, the ability to transfer our knowledge to other humans thousands of years in the future. THAT’S what I’m thankful for this Christmas.

The best authors and works are worth reading many times, like Robert Greene and Eugene Schwartz. (I picked up The Laws of Human Nature and The Brilliance Breakthrough). I’m just in awe of some of the brilliant minds we can study to improve ourselves. Truly. It’s almost overwhelming.

The two authors I mentioned know how significant the works they put out can have on others lives, and this drives them. They plan on creating masterpieces and they can because they are masters.

Shane Hunter is a master of direct marketing, and I’ll share with you what he said about the MasterClass:

“This thing is fucking beautiful, a true Masterpiece.
Without sounding too cocky, I hope this ends up alongside Ogilvy, Schwartz, Kennedy, Settle, and others some day as a system that truly changes lives.”

Trust me, it will. All recorded knowledge in books has led to his stuff. Shane is THAT next level.

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How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down on The Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree?)

My subject line refers to a popluar WWI song, the idea being, after these American doughboys have experienced European culture fighting overseas, what reason would they have to return to their rural pre-war existences?

Maybe they’d trade in their plows for some berets and baguettes?

Luckily the song got it wrong and most of those farmboys went back to the farm.

This popped into my head because I was watching a silent flick called Sunset (1927) last night.

On the surface, it’s a story about a man who must choose between his loyal wife and the “city woman” who is trying to seduce him into selling the farm and shacking up with her.

But as I dug in a little further, its actually an allegory about man and his choice between right and wrong. Right represents honoring his wife and his responsibilities, wrong represents the seductive city woman- who actually tells him to drown his wife!

What did I get out of the whole thing? That we can’t consciously resist any wrongs, instead we must nurture and cling to the good- in fact LOVE IT- in order for it to win out.

The REALITY that good and evil that lurk within all of us in equal share is something that Shane Hunter built into his Abrasive Entrepeneurs MasterClass.

All good marketers understand human nature and its up to us to use these powers for good, both to improve ourselves and to influence others to do the same.

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Love, Hunter

P.S. Merry Xmas ya filthy animals

Why You Should Hope to Get Sick

I’ve been under the weather since Thursday. (“Under the weather” is such a great expression, by the way)

Let’s call it “flu-lite” since it ALMOST feels like the flu, but it never went full blown on me. My immune system is flexing right now.

So, in addition to slamming vitamin C and napping hard, I’ve been working on my business.

You see, I’m holding down two jobs right now while I’m growing my entrepreneurial skills.

Both of my jobs are in the furniture industry and, funnily enough, both companies are trying improve their marketing.

All this to say, this sickness has been a blessing in disguise since it has allowed me to continue to grow my copywriting & email marketing skills.

(Side note: both these companies need to focus on their email marketing. Getting them to see that will be the trick.)

Shane Hunter’s Abrasive Entrepreneurs MasterClass is the easy way to get to competence in direct marketing principles.

And if you’re grounded in those, you can lend your expertise to whatever businesses you choose; most importantly your own.

You’re only as valuable as your skills. Shane’s stuff will fast track your skill acquisition.

Sick, right?

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Love, Hunter

P.S. Is “flu-lite” a real medical term? If not, it should be.

How to Approach Any Human Interaction

Humans are inherently selfish creatures. ALL they care about is their own problems.

Understand this basic truth, and harness it to your advantage and your success is guaranteed.

I’ve been listening to Michael Senoff’s seminar with “the world’s most feared negotiator” Jim Camp and it’s just mesmerizing how simple but logical his approach is.

The great Ben Settle has used Camp’s methods in his marketing for years, that should tell you something

One of my favorite ‘Camp-isms?’

“You’re always safe in the other person’s world.”

This is so profound. It could be used in all human communication and relationships.

Understand, my dear one, the other persons challenges, create a vision of how you can solve them, get them to buy in and you can’t lose.

Shane’s course will root you in the fundamentals of seeing thru the prospect’s eyes, in fact, that’s what he dives into in the first lesson.
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P.S. Helping others is why we exist