Statement of Purpose

(What follows is an email I sent to my list)

I think it’s good to state your intentions.

So, for the benefit of those on this email list: 

I intend to become a direct response marketer, entrepeneur and email copywriter.

The emails I have sent out thus far have all been “practice” for the real deal, but I’ve now got a product to sell. (this has been my biggest hurdle thus far)

Let the games begin!

I will be selling Shane Hunter’s Abrasive Entrepeneur Masterclass. I purchased it myself and can vouch for it being life-changing, so I’m thrilled help others discover it.

It’s not cheap, but it is more than worth the price. 

I’ll be sharing more as we move forward, and what I have to offer if you purchase through me.

For now, just know that Shane’s product IS the shortest path to becoming a truly effective internet marketer. No fluff, no bs, just flame emojis.

Can’t wait to share more as we move forward- EXCELSIOR! 

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How $1.29 Can Fix Your Mental Limitations

There’s one book I’ve seen recommended for improving your “mindset” than any other. People who’s opinion I truly respect have shared that this book changed their lives. 

So much so that one of ’em bought the rights to it and narrated the audiobook version (tho to be honest he’s not a great narrator, lol).

This book has been high on my “to read” list for a while. So one night I rolled into Half Price books on a mission to get this book.

Luckily for me they had it, although it was a little marked up and rough- but it was the original edition! 

Rang up for the tidy price of $1.29. A steal of a deal.

What book do I speak of? 

Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Now, I said it was pretty rough: yellowing, highlighted in green (yuck), hell, the cover fell off after about a week.

But I’ll be darned if it don’t TOTALLY live up the hype. 

Here’s a sample that I read tonight:

“Each of us needs a quiet room inside his own mind … build for yourself, in imagination, a little mental room. Furnish this room with whatever is most restful and relaxing to you.”

He even quotes Marcus Aurelius! *Swoon*

Yes, I’m a book nerd. Zero shame.

Anyways, the book also comes with excercises, and I have no doubt they’ll pay off the effort put into them tenfold. 

Put this book on your radar and if you find yourself near a used bookstore, find yourself a ratty copy of the original edition (copyright 1960)

I doubt you’ll regret it.

I have a feeling it’ll end up being the best $1.29 I ever spent.

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The Great Texas Train Derailment

Welp, the moment I feared occurred…

I was doing so good, emailing you everyday like I told myself I would, and then:

I slipped!

I’ll admit, it was damn tough to get back up on that horse. The chain was broken, I needed to start a new one.

You ever made a commitment to yourself, a diet or something, and the first slip you have derails the whole thing?

It is so dang easy to just throw up your hands when you’re trying to make postive change in your life.

The KEY, is being able to go easy on yourself for your mistakes, and pick yourself up and try again.

The shorter the time it takes you to recover, the better. And hopefully each time you slip it takes less time to get back on track.

I’m going to share the book I’m reading right now, that comes so highly recommended that I’m absolutely certain it’ll change your life.

It’s called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It’s all about how to improve your self image, which is critical.

Check it out at the link below:

Or don’t, if you’d rather stay stuck within your current limitations! 🙂

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Forget Bitcoin, Invest In The Soundest Thing Possible

What’s the safest thing you can possibly invest money, time, effort and energy into?

Well, besides the obvious- relationships. We’ll focus on those another time.

I hope you guessed “yourself” as the safest investment. Because truly, you should come first.

Even in your relationships, you need to be secure so that you’re able to help others. 

If you’re just starting out as an internet marketer, you need to invest in a system that will grow your skills quickly.

I’m a slow learner, and even I am catching on, so I have high hopes for you, friend.

What I suggest is signing up thru GlobalNPN to begin your journey. It’s a goldmine for internet marketers.

If you do decide leveling up your skills is worth the investment, hop on my email list that I host through GlobalNPN.

You won’t find a better autoresponder, hosting site, squeeze page builder, training platform, etc. out there.

Here’s my signup page (built with GlobalNPN tools):


Fatty Be Stealin’ Yo Profits

There’s a fat kid that’s slowing down your business.

Well, at least that’s how you should imagine it if your trying to find your business bottlenecks. (Read The Goal by Eli Goldratt to ‘get’ this metaphor)

And you should, if you’re serious about growing your business.

If you’re a solopreneur, you are most likely the bottleneck, since everything flows thru you.

Wanna get out of your own way and get your business into high gear?

Join my mentor, Shane Hunter’s Facebook group. It’s pure gold that will shift your butt into warp-mode-kick-ass-ninja-warrior.

Results are not typical, yada yada yada.

Grow a pair then grow a lot here:

See you on the inside.

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The Most Powerful Word You Can Use

There’s a word you should be using way more often than you are to do more of the shyt that is really meaningful to you.

Normally I’d make you wait until the end of the email to tell you what it is, but I’m feeling generous.

(Love is working it’s magic)

The word you should be using to cut out the BS and get more of the good stuff?

Two letters, one word: NO

You are probably afraid, like most people, to really say no to things that you don’t want. 

It’s a real skill so don’t feel bad. As you get better at it you will wonder why you said YES to things just to spare others feelings for years.

Practice it in some small ways, let that “NO” muscle grow a lil bit. Feel the power!

Then say “HELL YES” to the things that you really wanna do.

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So, You Want People to Like You, Eh?

If you want people to be genuinely interested in you, and care about you, there’s one simple trick. 

It ain’t rocket science, it’s straight outta Dale Carnegie’s masterpiece How To Win Friends And Influence People. 

Be interested in others and they’ll be interested in you. Not faking interest is the trick here. 

Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most profound. 

Get a copy of one of the best books you’ll ever read at the link below:

If you already own it, read it again. You need a refresher. 

Sorry for the short post tonight, ya’ll. I just started a new job and I am BEAT.


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