Make Friends With Your Devils

I’m in a dark place right now.

I’m still processing feelings from my divorce, getting into a new relationship and navigating those uncharted waters.

But honestly? The biggest problem I have is not doing the things I need to do. It’s eating my lunch.

So naturally you might ask: how do I fix this?

Well, first off: start by asking the question “what are you gonna do about it” after every negative thought.

For example: “I’m such an effin mess… what am I going to do about it?” Then genuinely search out the answer.

Hopefully you’ll have the strength to do whats necessary once you have a potential solution.

The questions you ask yourself are extremely powerful. Use them and they will improve your life.

You may be feeling overwhelmed like you can’t do it yourself. I get it. I have to get help too. No shame in it.

You don’t have to hide the bad shyt from yourself or anyone else.

I’m here for you, because we all need others in this crazy world.

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