The Greatest Human Flaw

How would you like to know the keys to being a successful human being?

Well, I bet you think you do, but like most people, when you see the work required you may not be so enthused.

No, I’m not gonna BS you about “quick easy fixes” because nothing good comes easy. Nor do we value things that come easy.

I’m a little reluctant to tell you this, but here goes:

I found a book that literally gives you the keys to success. The whole thing is just so sound but also mind-blowing.

How did the author discover these keys? For starters, he interviewed over 20,000 people and from this he found 15 habitual characteristics that set apart the successful ones.

Which brings me to my subject line- the greatest human weakness. What is it, according to this book? (Here’s a freebie)


No successful person he studied had a habit of indecision.

So, dear reader, look truthfully in the mirror (like I did) and determine if this is a character defect of yours. If it is, then work on changing it.

Kindly, the author spells out specific steps to combat this deadly vice.

Wanna know what the book is?

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Read it, love it, live it. You’re welcome.

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