Are You Living a Life of Quiet Desperation?

When is a door not a door? When it’s a jar!

Corny, I know. Speaking of doors…

Picture a door that leads to your dream life. Everything you want is behind that door. What do you do?

You reach out your hand, grasp the tarnished brass knob, twist it and with a CRREEEEAAAK…

It opens to reveal this:

A mountain in the distance. Yup, I’ll shoot straight with you- there’s no easy way to get to your dream life, despite what everyone is trying to sell you.

It requires hard work, sacrifice and dedication. The good news? I found several blueprints that will help you up the mountain.

As my mentor says, “Success leaves clues.” I can’t do the work for you but I can hold you accountable as we work on the very core of the battle:


The rewards are worth the effort, I promise. Don’t settle like most do into that life of quiet desperation.

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