Make Friends With Your Devils

I’m in a dark place right now.

I’m still processing feelings from my divorce, getting into a new relationship and navigating those uncharted waters.

But honestly? The biggest problem I have is not doing the things I need to do. It’s eating my lunch.

So naturally you might ask: how do I fix this?

Well, first off: start by asking the question “what are you gonna do about it” after every negative thought.

For example: “I’m such an effin mess… what am I going to do about it?” Then genuinely search out the answer.

Hopefully you’ll have the strength to do whats necessary once you have a potential solution.

The questions you ask yourself are extremely powerful. Use them and they will improve your life.

You may be feeling overwhelmed like you can’t do it yourself. I get it. I have to get help too. No shame in it.

You don’t have to hide the bad shyt from yourself or anyone else.

I’m here for you, because we all need others in this crazy world.

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You Want The Good Life?

I was walking to the park today with my boys. It was beautiful outside, birds chirping, children laughing, I’m in love. 

Yes, I know my last several emails have been dripping with lovey-dovey sap. I can’t help it, love is fun and contagious.

Anyways, as I was walking I was just loving life. I find walking to be incredibly therapeutic (you should be walking, too).

Well, it dawned on me: I’m happy because I know my place, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and I’m giving value to the ones I love and choose to have in my life.

What am I “supposed to be doing?” For starters, I need to be consistent. So I’m emailing every day, no matter what. You’ll need to get some consistency on board if you want progress. 

Consistency is one of those things you can control, in a world full of chaos. You should always focus on what you can control.

Fun fact: good relationships are the single greatest factor in human happiness. Also fact: the more you invest in others the more you get in return.

So my happiness comes from a place of abundance. Yours can to. Focus on adding as much value to others lives as you can, and you can’t lose.


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I Think You’re Jealous of Trump.

Let me quickly explain why Trump could probably kick your ass:

He is a master of imperfect action. Movement beats meditation, and he moves, baby. He’ll out-act most anybody.

I hope my headline got a rise out of you. Why?

Because it gives you a chance to honestly look at your reactions and choose different ones.

Lessons are literally all around us but we’re mostly to dense or deluded to learn em.

I used to get all riled up when Trump was mentioned as well. THe dude was in my head, bad.

I was brainwashed by groupthink and social media outrage cycles. You can disconnect from that BS anytime, just like I did.

If that appeals to you, I have a really useful suggestion for accellerating the releif. 

You should join the group that I did. It’s run by Shane Hunter the Facebook group is called the UNsafe #AbrasiveSpace.

THis group will help you deprogram your reactions, both political and otherwise by forcing you to look at your unconscios biases. 

You’re not going to have the success you crave if you are reactive, and not proactive. Get in Shane’s group for a taste of reality, below:

You’ll have to answer a question to access the group

Also, it’s okay if you cant hang, you may not be ready yet.


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Just Try and Friend ‘Em, Not Eff ‘Em

So I’ve been seeing someone I really dig. Spent all weekend with her and had a lovely time. 

Why do I mention this? Her and I were talking tonight about how I approached her and I think there’s a lesson in it for marketers. 

My intention, from the start, was to make a friend. I had feelings for her but I came from a non-horny place and she responded well. 

Marketing is similar. You shouldn’t be approaching you target audience looking to “score” but rather how to befriend them. Build trust. 

After you know them intimately and they know you truly care about them and their problems, THEN consummate. 

People want to be understood. Use that to build rapport then sell them solutions because you care. You’ll have them begging for more of you. I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? 

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P.S. Go listen to “Suzi Q” by Credence Clearwater Revival. 

Internet Marketing for Dummies

Lemme explain to you the essence of internet marketing:

– Have an offer- meaning something you sell that improves the buyer’s situation.

– Showing your offer to the specific people who are interested.

Sounds simple, right? It is. But like everything, people complicate it.

I’m wondering if you noticed something about the bullet points above. They apply to all businesses, not just internet marketers
The thing is, I see internet marketers not treating their business like a real company. 

The fundamentals are the same. So, for those that want to learn these fundamentals, another problem arises.

Business Fundamentals courses are a dime a dozen, and I doubt most of them are any good.

Luckily, I was turned on to a legit business training course called “Business Ignition Bootcamp” by Mirasee.

I’m a week into the course and it’s blowing my doors off.

So if you want a solid foundation in how to start a business, I don’t think you could do better than this course.

Consider it “Internet Marketing for dummies.” Get the on the waiting list here:

Note: this course is free but you have to be accepted. 

Also, if you don’t complete your homework you’ll be kicked out (there’s a lesson here)

Getcha some.

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The Greatest Human Flaw

How would you like to know the keys to being a successful human being?

Well, I bet you think you do, but like most people, when you see the work required you may not be so enthused.

No, I’m not gonna BS you about “quick easy fixes” because nothing good comes easy. Nor do we value things that come easy.

I’m a little reluctant to tell you this, but here goes:

I found a book that literally gives you the keys to success. The whole thing is just so sound but also mind-blowing.

How did the author discover these keys? For starters, he interviewed over 20,000 people and from this he found 15 habitual characteristics that set apart the successful ones.

Which brings me to my subject line- the greatest human weakness. What is it, according to this book? (Here’s a freebie)


No successful person he studied had a habit of indecision.

So, dear reader, look truthfully in the mirror (like I did) and determine if this is a character defect of yours. If it is, then work on changing it.

Kindly, the author spells out specific steps to combat this deadly vice.

Wanna know what the book is?

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Read it, love it, live it. You’re welcome.

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Dear Son, From Prison

Gary Halbert is my frikken hero.

If you’re not familiar with the dude, he’s one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived.

I would not be where I am now if I had not stumbled across his masterpiece, The Boron Letters

As a quick background, these were letters he sent to his teenage son while locked up in a federal prison.

This reminds me of Jay-z’s line “lock my body, can’t trap my mind.” The powers of the human mind are truly incredible.

So Gary took this terrible experience and turned it into one the most life-changing things I’ve ever read.

To give you an idea of how powerful the ideas in the Boron Letters are, consider that Gary was originally going to turn them into a book called:

“How To Be Your Own Messiah”

Yup. And I’m telling you, he’s not far off. You’ll understand when you read the letters.

You see, copywriting is a bit like alchemy: turning words into gold

If turning a pen and paper into your personal ATM sounds intriguing, then I HIGHLY encourage you to read the Boron Letters.

They may change your life as they did mine.

And it’s not just the copywriting advice. So much of its appeal comes from the raw emotion of a father’s correspondence to his son. (There’s a lesson there as well)

Enough of my blabbering. Get your hands on it at the link below:

Scroll about halfway down the page and you’ll see each Boron Chapter, in reverse order.

If you wanna get the full experience, like I did, print off each chapter and read the physical copy. Trust me. You’re welcome.

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Your Grade School Teacher Was Right

Remember yesterday I mentioned how productive I was at Starbucks? You do? Good.

(There’s a lesson there but I digress)

The first thing I mentioned was reading through Shane Hunter’s book again. I hope you picked yourself up a copy.

The other thing I was doing, which would have seemed weird to most people?

I was copying chapter 7 of the Boron Letters by hand, in cursive.

I’ll save my explanation of the Boron Letters for another day. What you need to hear, dear reader, is the importance of copying your favorite stuff by hand, in cursive.

You see, if you’re trying to get better at writing (and I hope you are if you’re on my list) you need to ‘inhabit’ the style of your favorite writers.

Cursive, for whatever reason, enhances the embedding process to a much greater extent. You want better results, right?

Well then, do the hard work (yes it’s a pain) of writing out the highest-leveraged stuff you’ve ever read, in cursive.

Here’s a great article that explains the science behind cursive handwriting in depth, and will help you practice.

Explanation How to Write in Cursive

If you know how, and don’t need the science, take my word for it and get to hard-wiring value into that noggin of yours.

Your grade school teacher will be tickled pink.

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It Takes What It Takes

Confession time:

I started a blog over a year ago and only managed to publish two blog posts. Ouch.

It was embarrassing. Ever started something but din’t follow through? I bet that shyt secretly ate away at you like it did me.

InMotion (my old blog host) didn’t care If I was actually working on my blog. Only I did. There was no one holding me accountable.

Then I heard about GlobalNPN from my mentor, Shane Hunter (The Abrasive Entrepeneur.)

He said it was the best, and his recommendations carry a lot of weight with me considering he’s basically a legend.

So I hopped on and signed up. I won’t bore you with the features, (but they’re solid) I’ll get right to the results:

I’ve taken more action hosting through GlobalNPN than I ever did with InMotion. I set up a squeeze page, imported it to my hosted site, and even started daily emailing.

Why the difference? Simple:

Accountability. Geoff (Captain of the ship) set up GlobalNPN with a community feature because he knows how humans are:

We need accountability and are more likely to what we’re supposed to with social pressure.

So if you’re looking for a community with accountability, rather than a just an internet marketing tool, please join us by clicking yon link:

I’m realizing I’m underselling the actual tools GlobalNPN has, so we’ll have to save them for another email.

For now, just know the social aspect is probably the most important one (for the average person).

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