Like A Rock, I Was Strong As I Could Be

If you were alive in the 90’s you probably heard Bob Seger’s tune “Like A Rock” in every Chevy truck commercial.

I still can’t hear that song without picturing some heavy boulder being dropped into a Chevy pickup bed.


Some advertising just sinks into your bones, it’ll be there forever.

“Like a rock” is also an apt description the foundation Shane’s MasterClass lays.

We are all building something. Frankly- some are building on the proverbial sands, destined for frustration in time.

Build your business, brand and life the right way and you’ll only have to do it once.

The choice is yours, but success leaves clues. Rather than chase clues, you can have the whole mystery unraveled for you. Opt in to my list to receive more daily tips:

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Are You Playing the Game on Hard Mode?

Zelda 2 on the NES is a weird game.

I was playing it today over at my girl’s place. I hated it at first but as I stuck with it, it grew on me like a rash.

After an hour I could hardly put it down. Another thing it’s infamous for?

Being fookin’ HARD.

I’m no scrub but I was getting schooled. I like a challenge though, so all the better.

And you know what? If you’re trying to “wing it” while building your list-based business, you’re playing the game on hard mode.

Shane Hunter’s Abrasive Entrepreneurs MasterClass is the cheat code you need.

You can skip the leveling up process and start fully equipped to win in your chosen niche(s).

It’s more expensive to grow the hard way (experience) than invest with someone willing to show you the ropes.

There’s gonna be massive growing pains if you try and do it on your own. Your choice. Abrasive gonna win regardless.

Invest in the MasterClass, avoid pain:

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The Preacher with the Knuckle Tattoos

I’ve been on a Film Noir kick lately.

Watched another great one last night:

The Night of the Hunter with the underrated Robert Mitchum playing a deranged preacher.

On one hand was tatted the word “HATE” and the other “LOVE.” His reenactment of these two hands doing battle with each other for his soul was particularly over the top.

He hounds two children and their mother trying to get at $10,000 their dead dad left them.

There’s no limit to the depths humans will sink to to get rich.

Luckily for you, there’s no compromise necessary with Shane’s MasterClass.

You can keep your ethics, integrity and self respect and still win, financially.

In fact, Shane insists. He wants you to use your Abrasive powers for good. Or they will destroy you.

It requires dedication on your part, just like any success should. But the blueprint is there.

You don’t have to go searching like the preacher did, nor take what isn’t rightfully yours.

Keep your ethical code intact, and profit from what you are passionate about by investing in the MasterClass.
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Thinking Is Overrated

Tonight I had an important email to send and it was hanging over my head.

I had been trying to work out all the angles and I was driving myself batty.

So I was sitting on my back porch, talking through it with my girl. She gave me some sage advice:

“Babe, don’t overthink it.”

So I typed up something simple and sent it.

Whew. Relief.

Being trapped in the paralysis analysis stage is the deadliest trap for Internet Marketers as well.

95% of the wannabes out there have this tragic condition, and I feel for them.

I went thru it myself. Stressing over what action to take, rather than doing SOMETHING then adjusting based off results.

As the great Gary Halbert puts it:

“Movement beats meditation.”

This is what I love about Shane’s teaching. He knows this truth and his MasterClass is laced with this motivating principle.

It gets you out of the overthinking stage by all means necessary. Your life is precious. Your time is precious.

$5000 is a paltry sum if it moves you forward towards what you really want. Freedom, growth, security, BEING.

That’s certainly how I feel after investing in the MasterClass. Get in gear, yourself.

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Graveyard Vision

Just finished listening to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F&*%.

I highly recommend it.

The gist of it is something I’ve shared about on Facebook before:

Choosing real, solid values and then living by them is what makes you great, not any outcome or achievement.

It also touched on one of my favorite subjects. Contemplating your own death.

Your fear of death manifests itself as a fear of life. Conquer that shit. Stoicism will help, too.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Would you truly take action on building that list you’ve always dreamed of?

How does it sound to derive your fulfillment from the process of improving at internet marketing?

If you want someone who understands all of the above already and has built your success blueprint, may I suggest Shane Hunter?

His MasterClass is all about continuous improvement and action. It’s a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart.

Death has no power here.
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Hunter Weir

Perspective is Reality

I had a convo with my bestie ‘Space’ last night.

He’s weighing big life choices after graduating. I remember the feeling.

I’m trying to save him from the mistakes I made at that time. Specifically, I didn’t have my priorities straight.

I was chasing all the things: women, money, possessions, distractions.

And what is the one priority to rule them all, you might ask? What did I tell him to focus on, to help clarify his decision making?

Skill development. Deciding that meaning derives from the process of bettering that skill.

Attach zero meaning to the outcome. EVERYTHING must come from the process. Frankly this is an incredibly difficult mental change for most people.

For those of you who already know and have chose what skill you’ll develop?

And that skill happens to be building up and engaging with your own thriving email list?

Shane Hunter’s MasterClass is like having the wise master watching you practice your art.

You can go back to it time and time again if you’re lost and straying from the path. Time will not diminish the lessons because they are rooted in the fundamentals of human psychology.

You can try and piece together knowledge from different places and people, but as another student told me before I purchased the MasterClass:

“Shane ties everything together. I could have saved tens of thousands of dollars on training if I had found the MasterClass first.”

Yup. Once you’re serious, there’s only one way to go.

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Yeah, Science!

I was listening to Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins today.

If you’re not familiar with the book, here are a couple of quick hits:

– Written in the 1920’s

– A few of the greatest marketers ever (Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham) consider it Gospel.

– Peggy reads it in the first season of Mad Men

I think it was Ogilvy who said you shouldn’t be allowed to advertise until you’ve read it at least 7 times.

(Side note: reading is only as good as what you’re actually absorbing)

This book dovetails beautifully in with Shane’s MasterClass.

Specifically: issue #6.

In it he explains how the scientific method can be used to deploy your advertising in such a way that your success is guaranteed.

Much like Claude would tell you, advertising can be the safest venture around, if you follow the correct principles.

Would you like to feel like a mad scientist rather than a desperate sea captain?

Let Shane help you steer into a calm port using the methods pioneered over 100 years ago.

Direct Marketing is your path to freedom. It’s scientifically proven.

Break out the test tubes and get the MasterClass, Einstein.

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I’m Chef Boyardee and I Approve This Post

Did your mom ever pack Chef Boyardee ravioli in your school lunch?

Kid Hunter had zero problem with this. I can almost taste it now. Throw an oatmeal cream pie in that brown paper bag and we good.

We had no conception of quality when we were kids. Lunchables were glorious.

My oldest son tried Spaghetti O’s for the first time today, and although it looked disgusting to his dad, the kid loved it.

And so it goes with marketing training. When you’re a ‘young’ marketer, you may stumble across a guru and just think he’s the bees knees.

When you look back, you give yourself an internal facepalm. You realize you were consuming canned pasta, and you wretch at the thought now.

Consider Shane Hunter’s MasterClass a fine Italian dinner, complete with handmade pasta & excellent wine pairing.

It’s a $5000 dollar investment. There’s a reason he charges more than ‘guru of the month’ does.

There’s a reason people actually pony up that cash. Because those claims he makes on the sales letter I’m sending y’all to?

People actually achieve that stuff.

Stuff like freedom, a sense of belonging, perfect clients, building a responsive email list. Weird.

Once you slay that fear of success dragon that’s ruining your life, the MasterClass is your treasure.

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Hunter Weir

Cheaters Never Prosper? Balderdash.

I’m listening to the Cowboy’s playoff game right now. We’ve looked ugly so far but there’s still plenty of time to whip these damn Rams.

What kind of insane person writes an email during a gut-wrenching playoff game? Normal I ain’t, my friend.


The MasterClass changes a person.

Speaking of the NFL, and the Masterclass:

During my last read through, Issue number 12 stuck out to me. It’s called “The #Deflategate Of Big Ideas”

In it, Shane exposes the cutthroat nature of business, using the infamous Patriots scandal as an example.

After laying out what to expect, he equips you with the ethical marketing tools needed to thrive in this lion’s den.

All seven of ’em.

Then, how to use them to pierce into the fundamental drivers of human nature. From that vantage point, you can develop an irresistible Big Idea.

As Gary Halbert says: one Big Idea, well executed, is worth a lifetime of hard work (for a direct marketer).

To understand your prospect’s drivers on an (almost) unfair level, invest in the MasterClass.

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Hunter Weir

Three Stupid Simple Steps to Interweb profits

I’ll break down internet marketing into it’s three most essential parts, dear one.

Hopefully this will break out of being distracted by the latest shiny bells and whistles. Just like anything, you gotta learn the fundamentals first.

So without further ado, the goods:

1. Squeeze page- This is a web page that attempts to “squeeze” an email address out of your prospect. Usually something the prospect considers valuable is offered as a bribe.

2. Engaging email followup- this is where a lot of businesses screw up. They hard sell their lists into oblivion. There’s an art to this step.

3. Sales page- this the link you are directing your email list to check out. Make the copy goodly (just like your emails)

Now, just because the above steps are simple, doesn’t mean they are easy. There are a lot of moving parts to each of them.

For example:

How do you generate traffic to send to your squeeze page? None of this works if you don’t have good lead generation strategies.

That’s where my buddy Shane Hunter comes in.

His MasterClass will show you the EXACT methods & principles he uses to generate $1.33 cost per lead campaigns. (Actual results from his most recent Facebook ad campaign)

Then, if you’ve mastered the other fundamentals? Bask in the glory of your newfound internet ATM. You deserve it.

Hop off the struggle bus and onto the MasterClass bullet train.

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Hunter Weir